The Annual MSM HIV Prevention Institute Conference 

9th Annual MSM HIV Prevention Institute Conference

June 23, 2017!



The MSM HIV Prevention Institute is the only annual assembly in South Carolina bringing HIV prevention leaders together throughout the state and across the Southeastern region to address the diverse needs of

men who have sex with men (MSM).

SC MSM Workgroup strives to provide educational and informative events, programs, and information to the MSM community throughout South Carolina. Please contact us for more information or questions.  

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The goal of the

SC MSM Workgroup

is to improve sexual health outcomes and  influence healthy life choices of South Carolina's MSM, including their social and sexual networks.


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History of the South Carolina MSM Workgroup


The MSM Workgroup was initially formed in September 2006 as the African-American MSM (AAMSM) Workgroup, which was an AD HOC Group of the SC HIV Planning Council. There were approximately 20 members of the workgroup consisting of members from throughout the state of South Carolina, many of which are still active members.


The African-American MSM (AAMSM) Workgroup committee consists of AAMSM as well as various representatives from the community. These representatives include an array of diverse educational and professional backgrounds, many in the HIV/AIDS arena, including Prevention Specialists, Counselors, Case Managers, Disease Intervention Specialists (DIS), Substance Abuse Counselors, Social Workers, and community members. With very close ties and direction from the SC DHEC STD/HIV/AIDS Viral Hepatitis Division, the AAMSM Workgroup Committee proactively seeks to serve all AAMSM ages 18 and above throughout South Carolina. The AAMSM Workgroup was created in order to address the many needs of AAMSM in South Carolina who represent a higher at-risk demographic.



The SC MSM Workgroup was initially formed in September 2006 as the African American MSM (AAMSM) Workgroup which was an AD HOC Group of the SC HIV Planning Council.

The SC MSM Workgroup is dedicated to providing educational and informative events for the community.

The MSM Workgroup Calendar offers up-to-date information on events, retreats, and programs throughout South Carolina.

South Carolina MSM Workgroup